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Kubernetes In Practice - 2 Days

Kubernetes Operator - 2 Days

These are hands-on modular courses that will train you in deploying and operating Kubernetes efficiently, whatever your level of experience.

Jetstack’s training courses draw from our experience of deploying Kubernetes for clients. They are very interactive, and give you the chance to explore key areas of interest.

"I’m in a position where I know what I need to focus on, just need to get some hours under my belt playing with it."

Workshop Attendee

Kubernetes In Practice

Day 1 - Beginner

Introduction to core concepts of Kubernetes: Hands-on labs covering persistent volume types, application logs, and using Helm to package and deploy applications.

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Day 2 - Intermediate

Advanced Kubernetes features and how to use them to lessen operational burden: Hands-on labs covering Autoscaling, the Control Plane, Ingress and StatefulSet.

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Kubernetes Operator

Day 1 - Kubernetes From Scratch

Provision a Kubernetes cluster manually from the ground up: Learn how to configure cluster components such as apiserver, controller-manager, scheduler, etcd, kubelet, kube-proxy, container runtime.

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Day 2 - Operational Wargaming

Push the boundaries of Kubernetes with a deep dive of the internals. Test your ability to operate Kubernetes under pressure with our team 'Wargaming' exercise. We will break your Kubernetes cluster, and you must work together to overcome production issues and common cluster failures.

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Workshop Attendee