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Matt Barker

Co founder


Matt has been a part of the open source industry for over ten years. He was an early employee at Ubuntu, where he lead their OEM business in Asia, before moving to Corporate Services in Europe. He spent a number of years with NoSQL vendor MongoDB where he ran Public Sector. He caught the container bug early, and started Jetstack with Matt to help people take advantage of them.

Matt Bates

Co founder


Matt’s background is in solutions for the acquisition, management and exploitation of large-scale data. Since its launch, he has contributed widely to the Kubernetes project, both to the technology and to the ecosystem. He was an early employee at NoSQL startup MongoDB, and previously at Deutsche Telekom R&D and Detica. When he’s not talking Kubernetes, he loves cycling and spending time with his family.

Christian Simon

Solutions Engineer


Christian has worked as a Linux sysadmin for 10+ years. His hands-on practices are backed by his academic work around security practices. Since 2014 he has focused on providing modern DevOps environments by using container technology. This includes almost a year of running Kubernetes 1.0.5 in production.

James Munnelly

Solutions Engineer


James has worked as a software engineer for the best part of 10 years. Having jumped onto Kubernetes at the beginning of 2015, he has almost 2yrs of production experience in public clouds and bare metal environments alike. When not working on Kubernetes, he’s tinkering with Golang and collaborating on other open-source projects.

Richard Wall

Solutions Engineer


Richard is a programmer and open-source hacker. Python is his goto language, as a long time contributor to Twisted. For the past 3 years he’s been working on Flocker – a persistent volume management system for modern orchestrators. He’s worked on all areas of Flocker, including the control service, state machine, and the benchmarking framework for gathering metrics. Richard has been using Kubernetes since it was first released and he has a special interest in Kubernetes persistent storage.

Luke Addison

Solutions Engineer


Luke has a background in pure maths and is particularly interested in the applications to computer science. He has spent two years at BAE Systems AI developing and supporting a range of mission-critical services for clients across the UK. When he is not working with Kubernetes he enjoys running or playing the piano.

Louis Taylor

Solutions Engineer


Louis has been active in the open source community for a number of years, particularly with OpenStack and surrounding projects. He previously worked for HP, where he spent a lot of time working with Kubernetes, and is looking forward to getting more experience working with the Jetstack team on both new and ongoing projects. In his spare time he enjoys writing questionable Python code and tinkering with sailing robots.

Josh Van Leeuwen

Solutions Engineer


Josh interned at Jetstack during the summer of 2017 before continuing to work part time during his final year of study at the University of Bristol. During this year, Josh developed a Kubernetes custom controller that automates the delegation of RBAC permissions based on time and event triggers. This work was later awarded the best Software Development Tool Final Year Project. Josh now works full time at Jetstack where if he’s not writing more Go, he’s making good food.

Charlie Egan

Solutions Engineer


Charlie comes from an application development background, but he’s been tinkering with containers on the side for a few years. He’s interested in how container tech can improve the developer experience and reduce anxiety around deploying software, and is looking forward to working with the team at Jetstack.

Mattias Gees

Solutions Engineer


Mattias is an experienced System engineer. Whilst working in the cloud hosting industry, he has helped a lot of clients move to the cloud and has advised them on cloud-native practices. He previously worked at Skyscrapers where he came into contact with Kubernetes, and ran it in production for clients. He has a special interest in application deployment workflows. When he is not working you can find him running marathons or travelling.

Aled James

Solutions Engineer


Aled has a background in Modern Languages and a Masters in Computer Science. His Master’s thesis (‘A Heliotropic Kubernetes Scheduler’) assigned cloud computing workloads in accordance with the availability of solar energy. He is a Visiting Research Associate at the University of Bristol, where his thesis is being adapted so that it takes other sources of renewable energy into consideration. In his spare time he is Co-organiser of the CNCF Meetup group Cloud Native Wales, and enjoys playing tag rugby and pool.

Hannah Morris

Project Manager


Hannah has a background in Ancient languages and Linguistics, and recently completed a postgrad at UCL. She holds an English language teaching qualification, and has experience working both abroad in Rome and in UK universities. She became interested in working in tech during her postgraduate year after attending courses run by Code First: Girls, and using her linguistic knowledge to aid a machine-learning project for another London start-up. She is looking forward to learning from the team and helping to manage training workshops and Kubernetes projects both internally and for clients.

Simon Parker

Head of Growth


Simon has over 11 years experience in the industry working for companies that include IBM, Accenture and Cloud Sherpas. He has been helping new startups disrupt and large enterprise organisations evolve through digital transformation. Although primarily focused on building strategic partnerships with customers, marketing and business growth, Simon is a technologist at heart and can often be found spinning up containers to test open source solutions to his problems!

Oana Gheorghiu

Head of Support


Oana comes from Rackspace and has been working in the industry for the past 7 years as both a Service Delivery Manager and a Technical Manager running a Linux support team. Her main focus has been on customer satisfaction, project delivery and process improvement, and she is now excited to continue the journey at Jetstack and join the Kubernetes community.

Oluwole Fadeyi

Summer Intern


Oluwole just graduated in Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London and has joined Jetstack as a summer intern in July. Even though he’s not really all that familiar with containerization and Kubernetes, he will use this period to learn more. He also likes to play around with Arduino when he has time.

Opeyemi Bankole

Summer Intern


Opey is an undergraduate studying Computer Science at the University of Goldsmiths, currently working at Jetstack as an intern over the summer. Although he is completely new to the world of Kubernetes, he’s in the best place to learn and grow! When he’s not off at University studying, he’s spending his time off creating fantasy basketball teams.

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